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Evolving and resolving

Someone recently told me that no one cares about my paper towel usage.  I’m fine with that.  If you are reading this, great.  If you don’t want to know about my paper towel usage (which, by the way, has been drastically reduced since John is now on the bandwagon), skip that part (and any other parts that don’t interest you.)  If you are just here for the pictures (none today), click on the tag in the cloud that says “photos”.

I haven’t been posting recently.  I’ve been putting all of my time and attention into working full time and being a mom and a wife.  By necessity, other things have been falling by the wayside.  But LOTS of things have happened.  I could write eleven-teen posts about it all.  I’ll start with this one.

A while back I blogged about all of the “stuff” I had going on right now. Some of it is no longer an issue.  We’ll go down the list.

Two dogs– not any more.  Jack left us May 24, after 17 or 18 years.  He died lying in the sun in his backyard, which he loved.  He was an old boy and a good boy, my longest successful adult relationship and arguably, the reason I am sane.  Jack and I lived through a lot together and I only hope that he knew on some level how much he was loved.  Holly is still with us, seemingly unphased by her new status as an only dog.

Housemate.  Shawn moved out.  I already blogged about this.

My sister-in-law, sadly, passed away last week.  She had breast cancer, one of the most beat-able cancers.  Unfortunately, Ann never really responded to treatment and the cancer spread to her liver, lymph nodes and brain.  She leaves her devastated husband (still in remission from prostate cancer), two in-denial kids and a stepdaughter who is now the de facto maternal figure down there.  I’m grateful that Ann is no longer in pain but consumed with worry about her husband and kids.  More on this another day.  Shanti shanti shanti.

Our adoption.  Closer and closer!  Things are happening. There are people that I want to talk to in person who may or may not be reading this blog, so this update will have to wait.

My jobless brother got what amounts to close to his dream job– working for the US Tennis Association in some high up executive capacity. 

Stayed tune for upcoming posts with monthly resolution updates (super duper two-month edition), the return of Food Waste Friday (the accountability does help), Menu Planning Monday (but we’re eating the same things over and over, so the plans are boring) antics of the goobies and all the other fantasticness you’ve come to expect from all of us here at AFTHOTW HQ.


Apologies to T.S. Eliot

January, not April, is the cruelest month when you have a toddler and an infant.  February too.  Madeline loves being outside, but with heavy, wet snow, Charlotte has to stay inside.  She is too little for proper snow wear.  She has one of those fleecy car seat liner things, but taking her out in that means lugging the car seat around.  I try to keep her face covered but worry about suffocation, so she often has a sliver of nose exposed.  That can lead to more facial exposure and ultimately to her little sweet baby face getting wet.  Which is actually wildly amusing, since she is still quite perplexed by precipitation.

Madeline stands at the door and announces her desired itinerary– “Go outside, mama.  Go for a walk.  Go swinging. I put on my booties.”  I hate having to keep telling her no.  Yesterday we got about two inches of heavy snow.  M wanted to make a snowman.  I keep trying to distract her.  We painted.  We did dishes.  We built with legos and bristle blocks.  She invented a game where the point was to throw every toy in the toy box to the floor with as much gusto as possible.  When I asked her what she was doing, she said, “I throwing, mama.”  I finally resorted to a movie (“Lion King”, known in our house as “Lion Kid.”)  And I felt guilty for letting her watch a movie.  Shouldn’t I be filling her days with educational experiences and enlightenment and self-expression, not canned Disney animation?

I rationalize that this movie watching spate is only temporary while C is tiny and while the weather is bad.  The next baby (if there is another baby) will hopefully not be a winter baby and if he/she/they is/are, at least M and C can play together.  They will probably terrorize each other and I’ll resort to separate movies in separate rooms. 🙂

While I’m certain that lots of people, including the American Pediatric Association, will disagree with me, I don’t think I’m ruining my child for life by allowing her to watch television.  She watches limited fare– PBS (and only Sesame Street, Curious George and Sid the Science Kid there but Rebel Daddy also allows Peep and the Big Wide World), Disney movies (we try to keep out the elements of death and simpering with judicious use of fast forward) and DVDs of Peanuts specials.  She dances to the musical numbers and asks questions about the plot.  We are generally right there watching with her, singing along and answering questions (admittedly, I am often feeding Charlotte.)  I wonder if that interaction lessens the damage of TV.  I hope so, because otherwise I’ll feel a lot guiltier.

Sorry about the quantity of parentheses. (My mind is like an episode of MST3K.)

Stay tuned here for the addition of Friday posts as AFTHOTW joins the Food Waste Friday community.