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Flour Power

I’m posting late, again.  I have composed the beginnings of at least four different posts today, but before I could actually write any of them, something happened that made me think, “This has to go on the blog!”  Roughly, the topics would have been Shawn’s departure, a dog tied to a bike rack, the joy of Murphy’s Oil Soap and homeschooling.  Each of those deserves a post of it’s very own, but today I feel compelled to bring you the following as an important public service announcement.

Here it is.

A quiet toddler is a dangerous toddler.

I need to learn this.

Here’s the scenario.  I’m typing furiously to submit an article for a deadline.  Maddie watching her favorite, Curious George.  She gets up and goes into my totally child safe kitchen.  She is not more than 10 feet away from me and I assume heading my way. When she does not arrive at my side in 4 seconds, I assume that she is silently sorting through tupperware or playing magnets and unearthing the bag of plastic toys I keep on the bottom shelf of a rolling cart.  See, where the problem is here?  Have you been paying attention?

She’s silent.

I hit ENTER and submit my article and turn to investigate the situation with my little love bug.

I see this.

Let’s scan up, shall we?

Now, let’s zoom in.

Could have sworn that bag of flour was unopened.

By this time, M has retreated.

Note the look of non-chalance and the dusty pajamas.

This one is going to be trouble in about 12 more years.

Remember – silent toddler = DANGER!  Important safety tip.  Thanks, Egon.*

She did help clean it up.

* Leave a comment to identify the classic film that gives us this sound bite.