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Resolution Addendum

While walking the dog, I remembered something else (oh, and also, “walk dog more often for exercise benefits for both me and her”.)

I sell lesson plans here.  Just slap up some things that have worked well for me and every quarter a sell some stuff and get some pittance, like $30 or so, for what I’ve sold.  I got an email this week from the founder of the site, saying that someone sold $27,000 worth of stuff in one quarter.  Yee haw!  I think selling thousands of dollars worth of stuff is an unrealistic increase for me, but I’d like to increase my sales to triple digits, enough to pay for my personal maintenance each quarter (you think this kind of gorgeousness gets maintained into one’s fifth decade without professional assistance?)  So that means creating more products and posting them.  Because I’m sure doing that will help with feeling less overwhelmed.  Uh, yeah. . .

I am wearing lipstick and mascara today, so score one for me!



We promised the kidberts a walk to the park. Despite the photo below, M and D don’t always want to be doing the same thing, so Mr. AFT and I packed ’em all up and went to play.

While we were out, we figured that we’d get D’s haircut.  It was his first haircut with us (and we think, perhaps, his first time in a barber shop– his foster dad had always cut his hair.)  We weren’t sure how he would do, so we decided both parents being there was the best bet.  That meant all of us in the barber shop.

D did great!  I saved a bit of hair.  Barber shop had frosty AC. Here’s my question: what is barber shop etiquette?  Because after Daniel’s haircut, he watched Mr. AFT get shorn for a while, but he got bored (as, I guess, most 4 year olds would) and decamped to the mirrored wall with Mads.  You know what the major entertainment for 3 and 4 year olds at a mirrored wall is?  Babbling at their reflections in an attempt to make each other laugh.  They were also eating the ubiquitous goldfish.  Everyone there was tolerant. But I wonder– should I have been more insistent in my shushing? I tried to get them to sit down and eat the crackers, but no dice.  On the one hand, it’s not church (and it’s not like we do that well at staying quiet in church.)  On the other hand, barber shops seem like pretty staid and grown up places, certainly not pre-schooler friendly.  But not pre-schooler unfriendly either.  What say you?

I’m giving myself a bye on ending with a question in this case.  Comment away and let me know your stance — muzzle ’em in the barber shop and let their cuteness fly?


(image source:  http://en.clipart-fr.com/clipart_pictures.php?id=4968)

I saw this on www.thepioneerwoman.com and really liked it, so here you go.  In honor of Valentine’s Day, a list of stuff I love.

  1. Heart shaped boxes of chocolates
  2. My swell husband who always sends me roses on Valentine’s Day
  3. My goobies
  4. The move Witness
  5. Making things from scratch– it wasn’t there before, and now it is!
  6. Talking about books
  7. A good blow out, generally from Jeff (you should see my hair right now!  The man is a god!)
  8. Listening to Madeline sing
  9. My cousin Marisa
  10. Generally everyone in my family, so don’t feel slighted if you are not mentioned by name
  11. Hotel showers
  12. Brunch
  13. Mimosas
  14. Snow in December
  15. Christmas carols
  16. Advent
  17. Handel’s Messiah
  18. The Sound of Music— it’s even better to me now because Madeline likes it
  19. Target
  20. Cashmere sweaters
  21. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches
  22. Summer evenings at the beach
  23. Boxes of fried shrimp and sweet potato fries
  24. Cake icing
  25. Lemon bars
  26. Pedicures
  27. Frank Sinatra
  28. Tiger lilies
  29. Murphy’s Oil Soap
  30. Peace Prayer of Saint Frances (Lord, make me an instrument of your peace. . . )
  31. Dance class (not that I’ve gone in about forever)
  32. Bacon
  33. My Kitchen-Aid mixer
  34. Coffee (but for me, loving coffee is like loving air– both are necessary to life.)
  35. Drum corps
  36. Bubble gum pop from the 60’s
  37. swimming pools

I might add more in the comments as this is obviously an incomplete list.  What do you love?

If It’s Thursday, I Must Be Tired

Something bizarre is happening.  As Charlotte sleeps longer and longer at night (she’s pretty much got the swing of sleeping through the night now), I get more tired.  It must be that the hormones that allow the moms of newborns to survive on a cumulative total of six hours of sleep a week have dissipated.

Then, on top of that, Thursdays are long days here at AFTHOTW HQ.  John is at school until 7:30 and we try to eat dinner as a family upon his return.  Every other night of the week, we’re deep into the getting ready for bed mindset by that time.  On Thursdays, I try to hold Madeline off so that John can see her and we all eat together.  She’s usually a trooper about this, albeit a trooper with a little shorter fuse than usual.  Tonight, she hung in there pretty well and then after dinner, she wanted to retrieve her “heart box” (a decorated shoe box that she used at school for her valentine mail box) from the playroom. So she and John went upstairs and examined every card, every conversation heart, every sticker.  It was a mush-inducing father-daughter moment, but it meant that she wasn’t jammied-up until 8:20.  Then snuggles, a bit of a movie and we all fell asleep by 9.

I woke up 20 minutes ago.  It’s officially Friday, but in my mind it’s still Thursday. I committed to posting on Thursdays, so I’m now typing in the middle of the night when both of my kids are sleeping (therefore, I should be sleeping too!)  See my dedication?

And I emptied and reloaded the dishwasher.  I don’t really do the FlyLady thing (detail– click here) but I prefer going to bed with a clean sink.

So now, dear multitudes of readers, some updates.

Our original social worker, the one who taught our parenting class, will be doing our home study. This is good, because she likes us, but disheartening because it means that the first visit isn’t actually set. We now have to wait for her to contact us to arrange a time.  Since I am not particularly patient about such things, guess who is getting a call on Friday (the real Friday, not this middle-of-the-night, might-as-well-be-Thursday-still craziness)?

Sometimes, folks express to us that we are doing such a “good thing” by opening our home to adopt and how lucky our future adopted child will be.  This point of view is incomplete.  John and I feel that our family is not yet complete, that our boys are waiting for us out there and that they will bring as much to our family as we give to them.  Just wanted to clarify.

As per my meal plan, I made El Helper de Hambuergesa and while it was good, it wasn’t particularly Mexican.  This could be because I improvised. When I opened my jar of salsa, I found a fascinating layer of fuzzy white mold so I used extra tomato sauce, added onions, cilantro, peppers, and cumin.  I also threw in spinach, because I’m like that and I try to add in green vegetables wherever I can.

It’s still really Thursday on the west coast and I’m still really tired.  Charlotte will be up in about 5 hours, which means in about 6 hours, I’ll be taking pics and posting for Food Waste Friday.  We have a big day planned– lunch with my mother and grandmother, and then I’m getting my haircut by the one and only fabulous Jeff, who can do anything to anyone’s hair and make them look amazing. I’ve looked forward to this for months. I’ve got to go to bed.

Have a great day/night/sleep. . .