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Food Waste Friday – 3-5-2010

Let’s take a look, shall we?

Um, wait, did a picture load for you?  Me neither.  It’s not because we didn’t waste any food this week (although our waste was negligible, I’m proud to say) but rather that it’s 10:41 p.m. on Friday and I have not yet taken a photo.  Now, with it being, you know, night and therefore dark, the pic will have to be taken tomorrow.  I have a flash, of course, but the pics turn out much better with some day light.

The narrative version:

Just three lonely little items:  a sealed bag of basmati rice from some old, old, OLD boxed Indian meals, sad and limp egg noodles and, of course, a grape tomato.  There were actually two bags of rice.  I opened one to use in a casserole and it smelled funky, so I tossed it immediately and saved the twin for the as-yet-untaken FWF photo.  I suppose the noodles could get dumped into chicken broth with a few chopped up veggies for quickie soup, but it’s just postponing the inevitable disposal because I’m not feeling inspired about chicken soup.

There are a few leftovers-in-waiting that could appear here next week if we don’t eat them over the weekend, including some London broil.  It’s my challenge to eat those bits.  Does it count as waste if I grind it up for my dogs?

As always, if you blogged about your food waste this week, check out others who do the same on www.thefrugalgirl.com.


Food Waste Friday – 2-26-10

I hang my head this week.  Look at this.

My worst week yet.  Let’s start at 12 o’clock high (well, a bit past 12.)

The cursed cilantro.  I just couldn’t do it anymore.

In the zip lock bag, gray and smelly bacon.  The bag is being tossed as well.

Moving down, leftover Thai chicken.  Usually we eat and eat and eat this because it is so good.  This time, not so much.  I suspect the absence of coconut milk (I didn’t have any, so I used half-and-half instead) reduced the usual deliciousness.

To the left, remains of Indian takeout.  Two orders of tikka is too much, one is not enough. This was spicier than usual, so not good lunch fare for Madame.

Above it, a melange of food past it’s prime.  Dried mango from over a year ago, the overly dense bread from last week, a forgotten half of a roll, the omnipresent grape tomato and four blackberries with white mold.


I think, though, I have finally learned a lesson.  If the leftovers do not get eaten for lunch the next day, they need to go in the freezer in individual serving sizes to be future lunches.  That’s what I did with shepherd’s pie and brown-sugar encrusted pork loin this week.

How did you do?  If you chronicled your food waste, cruise on over to www.thefrugalgirl and post.

Food Waste Friday – 2-19-10

First, what’s not here– grape tomatoes and cilantro.  This is because I didn’t buy grape tomatoes and the cilantro is still hanging in there.

This is what we did waste:

On the left, cous cous.  Buried underneath, most of a chicken breast. It’s frozen and I’m too impatient to chip it out for better viewing. Eating left over chicken after more than two days seems dicey to me.  I thought it would be a lunch for John to take to work, but he didn’t.  Sigh.  The chicken was dressed in a cilantro rub, so I did waste some cilantro but only on a technicality.

On the right, a burnt waffle.  I made these for breakfast on Saturday and this one had grown cold by the time I wanted to eat it.  So I popped it in the toaster in a resuscitation effort.  You can see how well that turned out. Sigh again.

Overall, I think we are doing much better at using up what we buy thanks to the wonder of Food Waste Friday and the magic of virtual peer pressure!  😉

Coming attractions on FWF may be a loaf of bread that didn’t rise adequately.  I’m hanging on to it for time being.  Any ideas on uses for overly dense bread?  Dare I make croutons?

Food Waste Friday – 2-12-10

Oooh, the date is a true mathematical sentence!  2 minus 12 is indeed negative 10!  I’m such a dork.

Let’s start with a guessing game.  What is pictured below?

If you guessed MOLD, you are right! There was a clue in yesterday’s post that this was coming, so kudos to you if you remembered that. Mold is but one of today’s cast members in the gripping saga that is Food Waste Friday at AFTHOTW HQ.  Here’s the full take.

The big, blackened mass in the container on the left is a burned and leftover for too long omelet.  It was a good omelet and yet we were not inspired to eat the burned part. I blame the weird heat pattern on my stove top, caused by the toddler open flame guard. This will be a treat for the dogs this morning, so it’s not technically wasted.

On top of that is a dried up grapefruit half that I resolved to eat at least three times and then didn’t.  I think I might have actually consumed it if I had cut it the right way initially.  Lesson learned.

Moving clockwise , we have some limp lettuce from a salad a few days back.  The other veggies are still ok (and in fact being consumed now by M as a breakfast supplement) but the lettuce didn’t make it.  Moment of silence for the lettuce please.

Ahem. . . on top of that is the omnipresent grape tomato with funkiness on the underside.  There’s always one.

Finally, the salsa with the mold.  I bought this salsa before becoming a FWF poster, so it was before I was super conscious of what was in my fridge and how long it had been there. I think I will just make my own salsa, in the necessary quantities for the moment, in the future.

The triumph of the week is surviving cilantro.  See how pretty and lush it still is!

I’ve been storing it as you see it, florist style, with a plastic bag over it (like Simply Recipes recommends) in my refrigerator. It’s still fresh, but I’m tired of using it. The solution is to grow my own, which I certainly will once there is consistent sun and non-frigid temps.

Need to get moving– big day today.  Lunch with Grandma and Great Grandma!

Have a wonderful day!

k and the troops

Food Waste Friday 2-5-10

This week, we have variety!

Clockwise from the top:

  • Unused and not-so-good icing from a cake I made two weeks ago (also not-so-good.) I tried to use this up by dipping ice cream cones into it when I needed a sugar fix but I have to face the truth. It’s not good and trying to eat it makes me queasy.
  • Half a can of chopped jalapeno.  I used them to make tortilla soup and then threw them into everything else I could think of, but sparingly lest M not eat what I made.  Who am I kidding?  She’ll eat anything. But how long does an opened can of peppers last?
  • Half a loaf of orange bread that someone from church gave us at Christmas. It’s now dry and I didn’t like the taste too much anyway. I could still eat it, but I just don’t want to.
  • Cream cheese in a foil wrapper.  The Technicolor mold did not photograph well.
  • Strip of red pepper. It was on its way to becoming a snack when Mads turned it into a dog toy.  Sigh.
  • The tops of scallions. I don’t even know why I bought these. I used some of the scallions in last night’s omelet, but these are looking pretty limp.
  • In the center, a lone grape tomato with something creepy growing on the underside.

There is still fresh cilantro, the bane of Food Waste Friday, in my fridge but it still is crisp and green. I hope to NOT feature it here next week!

The girls and I are off to Connecticut to visit the Queen Mother and Papa, so no post tomorrow. We’ll be back in plenty of time for Monday Menu Planning.

Have a fabulous weekend!


The Potato Problem

This week, I discovered I had three bags of potatoes in the house– one I purchased because it was on my list, one left behind by our now absent housemate and one I purchased because it was on sale for 99 cents and potatoes keep forever.  Right?  WRONG!

I suppose they will keep nearly forever if they don’t come into the house all ready yucky.

Lower left is a spud that broke in two pieces because of grossness.

Then, on the right, is a forgotten piece of pot roast.  It’s the pink stuff growing on it that concerns me.  The dogs were still pretty interested in it.

This week’s victory in avoiding food waste was mini pizzas made on the tail end of a loaf of homemade bread.  A hit with everyone (but I forgot to take a picture.)

For those who remember from last week, I discarded most of what Shawn left behind.  Ramen noodles (not even really a food as far as I’m concerned), freezer-burnt french fries, unidentified meat products, hardened brown sugar and booze.

If you kept track of your food waste this week, cruise on over to www.thefrugalgirl.com and post.

My First Time for Food Waste Friday

Here it is– food I finally gave up on this week:

Sad, forgotten lunch meat

It’s ham and turkey– the turkey purchased one month ago today.  John generally brings his lunch four days a week.   He buys a lunch on Thursdays– chicken enchilada day– which is like a holiday in his office.  But both of us have been tired lately and slacking off on the making of sandwiches.  He’s been bringing in leftovers or buying lunch.  We need to refocus on brown-bagging.  John, did you make a sandwich today?

Not pictured but also wasted are the majority of a cucumber and some yogurt with kiwi.  I noticed the cuke was getting a little soft on the edges so I decided M and I would have it for a snack.  M decided to “cook” with it instead by building hors d’oeuvre towers on the carpet, so it was instantly coated in dog hair and sand and rendered inedible.  The yogurt and kiwi was from Maddie’s  lunch that I sent to preschool on Tuesday. The teachers told me that they mix the fruit in with the yogurt when they serve it, so I decided to save that step (and the extra dish) and mix the two together at home.  I’m not sure of the timeline, because Maddie didn’t eat the yogurt at lunch, but by the end of the day, it was no longer yogurt but instead some runny, foul-smelling dairy fluid.  Who knew kiwi had this ability?  I didn’t.

I have to admit that knowing I would post my throwaways made me look at the contents of my refrigerator differently.  Yesterday, I finally ate a lone mini bagel purchased long ago, maybe in December.  It was still good (which makes me wonder what was in it to keep it so long.)  I was thinking of the coconut rice I would have to throw out and was inspired to make a quick stir fry for supper last night.  Couldn’t think of a way to use those cold cuts that wouldn’t lead to gastrointestinal issues.

Food Waste Friday bloggers, I need your guidance.  When our housemate leaves, do I include her abandoned food in my Food Waste Friday photo?  There’s a few mysterious meat items coated in freezer burn and some stuff that I would never buy.  Do you want to see the total waste at our address or just what I procured and didn’t use?  Thanks.

Apologies to T.S. Eliot

January, not April, is the cruelest month when you have a toddler and an infant.  February too.  Madeline loves being outside, but with heavy, wet snow, Charlotte has to stay inside.  She is too little for proper snow wear.  She has one of those fleecy car seat liner things, but taking her out in that means lugging the car seat around.  I try to keep her face covered but worry about suffocation, so she often has a sliver of nose exposed.  That can lead to more facial exposure and ultimately to her little sweet baby face getting wet.  Which is actually wildly amusing, since she is still quite perplexed by precipitation.

Madeline stands at the door and announces her desired itinerary– “Go outside, mama.  Go for a walk.  Go swinging. I put on my booties.”  I hate having to keep telling her no.  Yesterday we got about two inches of heavy snow.  M wanted to make a snowman.  I keep trying to distract her.  We painted.  We did dishes.  We built with legos and bristle blocks.  She invented a game where the point was to throw every toy in the toy box to the floor with as much gusto as possible.  When I asked her what she was doing, she said, “I throwing, mama.”  I finally resorted to a movie (“Lion King”, known in our house as “Lion Kid.”)  And I felt guilty for letting her watch a movie.  Shouldn’t I be filling her days with educational experiences and enlightenment and self-expression, not canned Disney animation?

I rationalize that this movie watching spate is only temporary while C is tiny and while the weather is bad.  The next baby (if there is another baby) will hopefully not be a winter baby and if he/she/they is/are, at least M and C can play together.  They will probably terrorize each other and I’ll resort to separate movies in separate rooms. 🙂

While I’m certain that lots of people, including the American Pediatric Association, will disagree with me, I don’t think I’m ruining my child for life by allowing her to watch television.  She watches limited fare– PBS (and only Sesame Street, Curious George and Sid the Science Kid there but Rebel Daddy also allows Peep and the Big Wide World), Disney movies (we try to keep out the elements of death and simpering with judicious use of fast forward) and DVDs of Peanuts specials.  She dances to the musical numbers and asks questions about the plot.  We are generally right there watching with her, singing along and answering questions (admittedly, I am often feeding Charlotte.)  I wonder if that interaction lessens the damage of TV.  I hope so, because otherwise I’ll feel a lot guiltier.

Sorry about the quantity of parentheses. (My mind is like an episode of MST3K.)

Stay tuned here for the addition of Friday posts as AFTHOTW joins the Food Waste Friday community.