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10:00 Check

I’m obsessed with the idea of a productive day.  I have a mental image that productivity begins with getting dressed.  It is my goal when I am home all day to have everyone up, dressed, fed and by 10.  Okay, 11.  In an attempt to make myself accountable a la Food Waste Friday and Menu Planning Monday (neither of which I’ve done in a while and y’all can see how well that’s working. . .wait, maybe you can’t. . . I don’t know how it’s working, but I do know that I don’t have time to worry about it), I bring you the first in an occassional series– 10:00 Check!

beds made – 2

children sleeping – 1 (C down for a nap)

episodes of Curious George viewed – ZERO! (episode 1 for the day now in progress)

meals prepared, served, eaten and cleaned up – 1

piles of dog hair swept up – 1

adults dressed and showered – 1 (Mr. AFT has to go to work.  I have nothing to do with this.)

cups of coffee consumed – 2

mice spotted – 1 (I cannot get rid of them!  I have to get a cat. . . )

dogs deskunked – 0 (that was last night’s super fun project)

On the agenda today– picnic in the park, playground date with friends.



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