Resolution Addendum

While walking the dog, I remembered something else (oh, and also, “walk dog more often for exercise benefits for both me and her”.)

I sell lesson plans here.  Just slap up some things that have worked well for me and every quarter a sell some stuff and get some pittance, like $30 or so, for what I’ve sold.  I got an email this week from the founder of the site, saying that someone sold $27,000 worth of stuff in one quarter.  Yee haw!  I think selling thousands of dollars worth of stuff is an unrealistic increase for me, but I’d like to increase my sales to triple digits, enough to pay for my personal maintenance each quarter (you think this kind of gorgeousness gets maintained into one’s fifth decade without professional assistance?)  So that means creating more products and posting them.  Because I’m sure doing that will help with feeling less overwhelmed.  Uh, yeah. . .

I am wearing lipstick and mascara today, so score one for me!

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