Resolutions 2011

Here’s last year’s resolutions and a brief summation of the results.

  1. Reduce overall monthly expenses by 10%. Totally done, but not in the way I planned nor with the results I planned.
  2. Move forward with our adoption. Mostly done.  Not finalized, no court dates set, still doing permanency counseling.
  3. Make more things from scratch. Ehh, maybe two-thirds?  I really slacked off on making bread.  I need to re-up my commitment here.  Making bread is easy.  Making desserts is necessary because of my commitment to avoid HFCS (except in pancake syrup.)
  4. Landscape. Totally done, but not in the way I expected.
  5. Reduce our paper towel habit. Totally done, but I’ve been buying paper towels again a bit, because nothing beats disposability when you have to clean up dog puke.

And for 2011. . .

  1. Look and feel less overwhelmed. I may *be* overwhelmed, but I’m sick of *looking* overwhelmed and if I look less overwhelmed, maybe I’ll feel less overwhelmed.  That may be a lot to ask of a lipstick.  There is likely a school of thought that says I ought to change my life so that I *am* less overwhelmed but there isn’t really anything that I’m willing to change about my life.
  2. Establish a proper emergency fund. I’m thinking two months living expenses, including day care.
  3. Make more things from scratch. Bread, yogurt, desserts, cleaning solution, waffles, hot chocolate– the current ones.  I’m adding gift bags here and maybe something else. . .
  4. Reduce clutter. Less stuff around means less stuff to pick up! 🙂


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