A Wrinkle Too Far

I didn't take this (and it's not me!) Photo found at http://www.flickr.com/photos/juliedermansky/2551430534/


In my ongoing attempt to reach goal #1 (more detail), sometimes I cruise around on a variety of frugality blogs, like this one. (Oh, PS, I don’t think of my blog as being a “frugality blog,” it’s just one of the things I write about.)  Recently, I found some frugalista who has stopped washing her face at night and moisturizing to save money. She believes that her face doesn’t get that dirty in the course of the day and that her skin produces enough oil on its own.  I have two words — guh-ross. 

I admit that I am both vain and a little thrifty (I’ll tell you about the wrinkled tomatoes some other time.) I draw the line at cleanliness and maintenance.  Your face doesn’t get that dirty in the course of the day?  Don’t you eat or go outside?  There’s enough flying detritus to goo up any face! I embrace almost any money saving strategy (I would never have thought to cut my dryer sheets in half, for instance) but not at the expense of my future fabulousness.  I want to grow up to be Zoe.  🙂  I’m still going to wash my face twice a day (except when I fall asleep and forget) and slather on moisturizer (luckily the one that works best for me is plain old cold cream.)  I’m already concerned with the furrow.  I need to buy more spackle. (I am not affiliated with Estee Lauder, receive nothing if you click through or buy, but man, this stuff is GOOD!) 

I tried to find the actual link to the wrinkled cheap-o but searching was eating up too much time and I kept getting sucked in to other blogs.  I’ll post it later if I find it. 

Char is eating her first blueberries this morning.  Guess what?  She digs ’em. 

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