We promised the kidberts a walk to the park. Despite the photo below, M and D don’t always want to be doing the same thing, so Mr. AFT and I packed ’em all up and went to play.

While we were out, we figured that we’d get D’s haircut.  It was his first haircut with us (and we think, perhaps, his first time in a barber shop– his foster dad had always cut his hair.)  We weren’t sure how he would do, so we decided both parents being there was the best bet.  That meant all of us in the barber shop.

D did great!  I saved a bit of hair.  Barber shop had frosty AC. Here’s my question: what is barber shop etiquette?  Because after Daniel’s haircut, he watched Mr. AFT get shorn for a while, but he got bored (as, I guess, most 4 year olds would) and decamped to the mirrored wall with Mads.  You know what the major entertainment for 3 and 4 year olds at a mirrored wall is?  Babbling at their reflections in an attempt to make each other laugh.  They were also eating the ubiquitous goldfish.  Everyone there was tolerant. But I wonder– should I have been more insistent in my shushing? I tried to get them to sit down and eat the crackers, but no dice.  On the one hand, it’s not church (and it’s not like we do that well at staying quiet in church.)  On the other hand, barber shops seem like pretty staid and grown up places, certainly not pre-schooler friendly.  But not pre-schooler unfriendly either.  What say you?

I’m giving myself a bye on ending with a question in this case.  Comment away and let me know your stance — muzzle ’em in the barber shop and let their cuteness fly?

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  • Zoe  On July 26, 2010 at 2:25 pm

    Kids will be kids. Period.

  • Uncle Fabulous  On July 26, 2010 at 6:59 pm

    When I take Le Petit Fabulous for a cut, we go to the place I get my hair cut…..the ladies of the barber shop are very friendly, love David, and only ever seem concerned if he might do something ‘harmful to himself’….other patrons are fine with him as well……when I’m getting a cut, I keep my peripheral vision in full swing and if I see him doing something potentially ‘naughty’…I speak, he listens. He talks some, but….I think all B-shop patrons and owners are used to it…and don’t mind the kids making some noise…..;0)

  • Chelle  On July 27, 2010 at 5:55 pm

    i take the boys to a place in the mall .. or if i’m feeling like a trip we drive one town over to a special kids only salon .. they get to sit in a race car or jeep .. riley gets to play video games while they cut .. i (gasp) actually take madds with me to my salon because saona only charges me $15 for mads and she gets the full treatment .. i’ve created a monster .. but who doesn’t love a scalp massage while lounging in a massaging chair? .. we usually do the boys together and stephen will sneak out on his own for a trim .. but kids will be kids .. and curious ones dont sit still for long with shiny objects to look at! .. as long as they’re not screaming / smashing / generally wreaking havoc stop stressing about it .. 😉 .. isn’t it fun???

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