5/3 at the grocery store

As a family of five (five!  yikes!), we eat a lot and therefore, out of necessity, are frequent grocery shoppers.  Even though Charlotte is new to the world of people food, she still eats her fair share in egg yolks and frozen peas.  She had baked beans last night.  Logic would dictate that I should arrange to shop alone while Mr. AFT stays home with the kidberts.  But we’d rather spend his time off from work as a whole family, so I brave the store with the three goob-keteers.

Dear World, Please help me with this.  Dear Other Supermarket Patrons, Unless you have small children (i.e. under 7 years old), don’t use the multiseat carts (the ones with the play car that seats two in the front and a regular cart attached with a seat for one or even two more kidberts).  I need those carts desperately.  Dear Supermarket Management, Get more multiseat carts!

So we forged ahead, me and M and D and C.  The particular supermarket we patronized yesterday doesn’t have in-lot cart corrals, so I had to brave the parking lot with three wee ones– C in my arms, M holding my hand and D holding her other hand.  I had spied the necessary 4-seater cart at the store’s entrance as we arrived, so I knew I had only a short journey before the saving grace of containment for all.

But no!  Denied!  The cart had been absconded by another shopper.  I was left with only a shallow cart with a single seat that I couldn’t even use until another shopper pulled the cart out for me.  In the meantime, D set out to investigate the basil plants.  I vainly called his name while I tried to corral M and strap in C at the same time.  Some patrons tsk-ed and thankfully one woman guided D back to me.

Dear Supposed Village It Takes to Raise a Child, Sometimes I need your help.  Please feel free to gently spare my child from dashing out into traffic.  Thank you.

Let’s not even discuss the broken restraint strap on the cart.  Char kind of listed to the right the whole trip.

The first section when we enter the store is produce.  M and D see this as  smorgasbord.   They both sink their teeth into unripe peaches before I can stop them.  We ended up eating peaches at dinner– had to use ’em up.

It entertains me, how the simplest of tasks can become an epic in my world.  A serialized epic, because the 5/3 Mama can only write briefly each day!  Stay tuned for the adventures of free range preschoolers in the meat and dairy departments, the patrons using the multi-seat carts and the joys of fastidious cashiers.

Over and out.


K and the gang at AFTHOTW HQ

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  • Zoe  On July 13, 2010 at 9:18 pm

    Darling girl, I had four under the age of six. I survived, I think. Was I totally insane?

    • Kristin  On July 14, 2010 at 5:49 pm

      Yes, you were and are totally insane– but you are also my hero. 🙂 Love and miss you.

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