5/3 (that’s “3 under 5”)

As in three kids, under the age of 5.

In the abstract, it seemed hunky-dory.  And in reality, it actually is.  M’s first words in the morning are generally, “Where’s my brother?” and D’s are, “Where’s Madeline?”  The greatest sound in the world is when the two of them are laughing and chasing each other or singing “Twinkle, Twinkle” to Baby Charlotte.  My greatest daily accomplishment is getting three small children dressed, fed, out the door and buckled into their car seats.

The most common reaction to when we say that we have three kids– and then tell their ages– is wide-eyed amazement and head-shaking.  People clearly think that we are crazy and I can’t say that we aren’t.    The amount of work I have to do at home has increased, but so has the amount of laughter. 

Here’s what I’ve learned so far.

  1. It takes a minimum of two hours to get ready to go anywhere. 
  2. D can sense if there is cake anywhere in the house and wants to eat it immediately.
  3. Somehow, M and D can use every single sippy cup in the house every single day.  I run my dishwasher every night.
  4. I should buy stock in Pepperidge Farm for the quantity of goldfish crackers consumed by my children. (C eats them  now.  Naturally, she digs ’em.)
  5. My double stroller can, in fact, accommodate three kidberts.  This delights every little old lady at the grocery store.
  6. Preschoolers are impervious to rain.  As long as it’s not a biblical flood, we’re out there.
  7. My personal savior is still Curious George, but a close runner-up is the genius that fenced in the playground, thereby preventing escape.  I also worship George Carlin for his narration on “Thomas the Tank Engine.”
  8. Baths are a greater entertainment than any movie ever made.
  9. I eschewed toilet locks before but thanks to Action Man’s delight with flushing and two missing toothbrushes, I have them now.

                 Me:  What happened to your toothbrush, Daniel?

                 Daniel:  It’s gone.

                 Me:  Gone where?

                 Daniel:  (with disdain for having to explain something so fundamental)  Gone in the toilet!

                  Me:  Do I even need to ask what happened to your sister’s toothbrush?

                 Daniel:  NO! (maniacal laughter)

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  • Gail Loughnane  On June 29, 2010 at 8:48 pm

    We could not survive without curious george or thomas either. Seriously!

    Conor is fast and crafty a bad mix for 14 months. I can sometimes just hear the mission impossible music in his head as he plots his escape. No fence in the back yard is bad bad bad.

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