Addicted to Access

I’m back to work and, oddly, have very limited computer access there.  My district gave all teachers laptops last spring.  You had to go to a tedious two-hour training to get one.  I had a decent desktop in my office, no childcare for the blocks of time when the trainings were and a pink slip.  So I didn’t bother.  My pink slip was rescinded and my job changed so that I no longer have an office.  I still don’t have child care for the training times (4-6 pm– John doesn’t get home until 6 and day care closes at 5.)   The classroom I’m teaching in now has a clunky old PC that I have to crawl on the ground to hook up, if I choose to use it.  I’s also out in the thick of the classroom, so I can’t set the students to work and then screw around on the internet use that time to work on future lessons and send personal email respond to important administrative messages.  Oh, and there are no scheduled trainings, so it seems that I *can’t* get a laptop now, even if I want one.

Without a computer, I’m behind, disorganized and disconnected.  I hate it.

Am I addicted to access?  Is it too much of a good thing?  Is it even a good thing?  I’ve really been thinking about this all week, since Sunday’s sermon included the idea of “too much of a good thing” (and some other stuff that  I can’t remember four days later.)   At the risk of sounding like I’m making excuses, I think my computer time is reasonable and actually enhances my life– at least my work life.  The piles of scraps of paper that I’m currently carting around are making me CRAZY and I have no idea where anything is and no record of what I’ve done.

There’s also my sad failure to post in a timely fashion– which I am sure is an overwhelming hardship to you, my vast readership.

Short story– I need more computer time and I want a laptop to get it.  Then I can find good cupcakes recipes and post more pics of my kids.

Food Waste Friday tomorrow!  The little things make me so happy.

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