Menu Planning Monday – Week of March 8 (five work days– yikes!)

Here’s what we’re having for supper this week.

Monday – John’s going to a talk, so M and I are having scrambled eggs with cheese and ketchup (which we love!)

Tuesday – chicken fajitas, spanish rice (our pastor is coming over for dinner to discuss the baptism and the adoption), chocolate cupcakes if I’m feeling super ambitious

Wednesday – spaghetti and turkey meatballs (Wednesday is, remember, Prince Spaghetti Day, but we’ll be eating Barilla that I buy in bulk at Costco.)

Thursday – chicken pot pie (from freezer stash)

Friday – pizza picnic! (I’m really, really, REALLY going to make the dough this time.)

Saturday – we’ve got family in from out of town for Charlotte’s christening so we’ll all be going out somewhere child friendly and cheap.

Sunday – roast turkey breast with mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce and all of the Thanksgiving classics (a holdover from last week.)

To follow this plan, I need to go out and buy tortillas for Tuesday and nothing else– which is good, because on the eighth day of the month (i.e. today), I’ve already spent more than half of our food budget. It’s the diapers: I finally had to break down and buy some.

I plan seven suppers every week and inevitably, one night we end up eating something else. This week, I’m guessing Thursday’s plan will end up migrating to next week. Anyone else want to wager?

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