Food Waste Friday – 2-12-10

Oooh, the date is a true mathematical sentence!  2 minus 12 is indeed negative 10!  I’m such a dork.

Let’s start with a guessing game.  What is pictured below?

If you guessed MOLD, you are right! There was a clue in yesterday’s post that this was coming, so kudos to you if you remembered that. Mold is but one of today’s cast members in the gripping saga that is Food Waste Friday at AFTHOTW HQ.  Here’s the full take.

The big, blackened mass in the container on the left is a burned and leftover for too long omelet.  It was a good omelet and yet we were not inspired to eat the burned part. I blame the weird heat pattern on my stove top, caused by the toddler open flame guard. This will be a treat for the dogs this morning, so it’s not technically wasted.

On top of that is a dried up grapefruit half that I resolved to eat at least three times and then didn’t.  I think I might have actually consumed it if I had cut it the right way initially.  Lesson learned.

Moving clockwise , we have some limp lettuce from a salad a few days back.  The other veggies are still ok (and in fact being consumed now by M as a breakfast supplement) but the lettuce didn’t make it.  Moment of silence for the lettuce please.

Ahem. . . on top of that is the omnipresent grape tomato with funkiness on the underside.  There’s always one.

Finally, the salsa with the mold.  I bought this salsa before becoming a FWF poster, so it was before I was super conscious of what was in my fridge and how long it had been there. I think I will just make my own salsa, in the necessary quantities for the moment, in the future.

The triumph of the week is surviving cilantro.  See how pretty and lush it still is!

I’ve been storing it as you see it, florist style, with a plastic bag over it (like Simply Recipes recommends) in my refrigerator. It’s still fresh, but I’m tired of using it. The solution is to grow my own, which I certainly will once there is consistent sun and non-frigid temps.

Need to get moving– big day today.  Lunch with Grandma and Great Grandma!

Have a wonderful day!

k and the troops

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