The Potato Problem

This week, I discovered I had three bags of potatoes in the house– one I purchased because it was on my list, one left behind by our now absent housemate and one I purchased because it was on sale for 99 cents and potatoes keep forever.  Right?  WRONG!

I suppose they will keep nearly forever if they don’t come into the house all ready yucky.

Lower left is a spud that broke in two pieces because of grossness.

Then, on the right, is a forgotten piece of pot roast.  It’s the pink stuff growing on it that concerns me.  The dogs were still pretty interested in it.

This week’s victory in avoiding food waste was mini pizzas made on the tail end of a loaf of homemade bread.  A hit with everyone (but I forgot to take a picture.)

For those who remember from last week, I discarded most of what Shawn left behind.  Ramen noodles (not even really a food as far as I’m concerned), freezer-burnt french fries, unidentified meat products, hardened brown sugar and booze.

If you kept track of your food waste this week, cruise on over to and post.

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