Prayer for the Spiritually Challenged

One of the premises of this blog is that I believe in God and go to church, but I’m not a typical “church lady.”  I’ve done many things that one normally wouldn’t associate with church-going and in my current incarnation I fancy myself a hip and somewhat together mommy type.  Sometimes, people express disbelief that someone like me prays.  Well, I’m certainly not saying a rosary.  Following is a rough recollection of my internal monologue during the prayers of the people in service last Sunday.  Mads was in day care, not goobing around and causing a ruckus (for detail on her behavior, check on this post: , so I actually got to pay attention.

God, please help and guide Ann on her journey through chemotherapy . . . she hasn’t been to church in a long time . . .I’m not even sure she believes. . . she needs Your help. . . hey, remember when we took her kids on the Freedom Trail and Madison announced, loudly, in Old South Church that she’d never been in a church before. . . funny stuff. . . I wonder if they will come to Charlotte’s christening. . . back to praying. . .help those in Haiti. . . You must be getting overload on the Haitians. . . what’s the plan down there. . . what do You call me to do. . . wow, these shoes are ugly. . .I can’t believe I even wear these shoes. . . they are practical, though. . .when did my life change from a black high heels kind of life to a hideous fleece-lined mocassin things kind of life. . . God, guide me on the journey to care for others. . .guide us on our journey to adoption. . . is Charlotte waking up. . . thank You God for our sweet Charlotte. . .I never thought I would have this life and thank You for making it for me and bringing my husband and my children to me. . .is someone snoring. . . Amen.

In case you missed it, my God is a casual guy who chats with me in His particular way.  As my pastor put it in her sermon a few weeks ago, “My Jesus is sarcastic.  He’s wholly human.”  This I can relate to.

A shout-out to Kristin G-W, who actually sent a comment when I asked lurkers to identify themselves.  You don’t need to; I’m just curious.  Hi G!  An email is coming to you, should my girls ever be quiet enough at the same time that I can compose one.

Over and out!  Have a great day.

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  • Jane  On January 26, 2010 at 6:34 pm

    OK I will delurk too; I clicked over to your blog from The Frugal Girl, love her! and I am loving your writing so far, very entertaining and relatable.

    I don’t go to church but have a similar spiritual belief as you seem to be expressing. My conversations with God sound a lot like yours, they happen spontaneously when I have something to let Him know or need help with.

    I too have just started a blog and while I don’t think I am nearly as witty as you (in person I often crack everyone up) I hope to find my writing voice with practice.

    Keep the posts coming and I pormise to comment from time to time.


    • Kristin  On January 26, 2010 at 6:52 pm

      Thanks for delurking! I’m consumed with curiosity about who is reading. I’ll be sure to check out your blog and leave a comment too– it’s nice to know that you’re not posting to a vacuum.


      • Jill  On March 10, 2010 at 9:21 am

        Hi Kristin and pals! I just discovered your very cool frugal girl blog, and wandered over to your prayer link, and I, too, pray as you do. I really do. I do believe there are many of us that pray this way. Here is an example of my prayer tonight:

        Heavenly father how are you tonight, i’m good. I’m getting over this pneumonia and with your help, please help me .. I won’t have walking pneumonia much longer. That zpack stuff works great. Please help Lucas make ammends with his wife on leave, and watch over his pretty red head when he goes back to Iraq. Please watch over chalad who is in his squad. He means well, he can’t help all the tatoos he has on him, they’re colorful aren’t they. I love the nice sun you’ve been giving us, had to throw in a bit of hail today didn’t you .. it kept me on my toes. Please heal my mom’s neuropathy, and you know how nice my dad is well he’s trying to be nice, please Lord, please let him make it through the upcoming surgery on the 23rd of March. Guide the surgeons hands and let him be healed of his leaky valves. I know its scary stuff, and I know he’s crochety but we all need him down here, especially my mom.. she can’t do things without him. We all love him so much, even if he is meaner than a rattlesnake. I love you Lord and hand every worry over to you, I trust in you, I try so hard every day to do what is right, and I want you to watch over my children as they grow to teenagers.. keep them away from all the bad stuff.. they’ve done so well so far, I love them so much. Please let Eric find permanent work, he’s been on the out of work list for seven months, and now just back for a short job. Please help him be name called and help restore his faith after he lost some of it during the hard time when his dad died. We love you Lord, and we thank you for all of your blessings you’ve bestowed upon us so far, and we thank you for this beautiful home, our health and our love for one another Amen

      • Kristin  On March 11, 2010 at 1:20 pm

        Hi Jill,

        Nice to have you here in my virtual living room! I will keep you and your loved ones in my prayers, casual as they are!

        Peace, Kristin


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