Monday Meal Planning

I’m a new convert to the glories of planning your meals in advance.  To make sure I actually do it each week, I’m going to post it here for your viewing pleasure, oh vast and glorious multitudes of my readership.  This is all about accountability for me.  I’m not purporting any nutritional or gastronomic expertise.

Monday – spinach salad with grilled chicken, fresh bread (better get started on that as soon as I’m done posting here)

Tuesday – steak tips, crash hot potatoes ( ), fresh broccoli

Wednesday – chicken tortilla soup ( ), cornbread

Thursday – spinach quiche (and/or broccoli, depending on what I have left to use), fruit salad of some nature

Friday – pizza

Saturday – TBD, I can’t think that far ahead. . .

Hey, five days in advance is a good lead time!

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  • Laurel  On January 28, 2010 at 1:37 am

    We do this every week – it makes life SO much easier. No running to the store for something you forgot, and ten things you don’t need. No need to make a decision about what you’re making when you’re tired and cranky. Perfect way to make sure you are having variety, but using things up before they go bad. (I do a brief inventory of the fridge before I shop)

    I also shop at night, so I can do it with no kids. Bliss.

    We still give up and order pizza sometimes, but since takeout is hard to do for the whole family (molly’s food issues) this makes things so much easier. Molly likes to be included in the meal planning, as well – she has a salad cookbook, and so sometimes we’ll make one of her salads, and she can add her ingredients to the list

    A handy thing we’re trying to make more useful – we have a rough list of what frequently used items and other occasional items are in which aisle of market basket – so you can just check off what you need, or when someone else shops for you, they know where to look. (condensed milk is in with the coffee, etc)

    We’re also trying to bring together all of our recipes in one binder, so I don’t cover the table with cookbooks and computers when I am making the list. We’ll see if I get there.

    Looking forward to reading your weekly plans!

    Love, Flaurel 🙂

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