My First Time for Food Waste Friday

Here it is– food I finally gave up on this week:

Sad, forgotten lunch meat

It’s ham and turkey– the turkey purchased one month ago today.  John generally brings his lunch four days a week.   He buys a lunch on Thursdays– chicken enchilada day– which is like a holiday in his office.  But both of us have been tired lately and slacking off on the making of sandwiches.  He’s been bringing in leftovers or buying lunch.  We need to refocus on brown-bagging.  John, did you make a sandwich today?

Not pictured but also wasted are the majority of a cucumber and some yogurt with kiwi.  I noticed the cuke was getting a little soft on the edges so I decided M and I would have it for a snack.  M decided to “cook” with it instead by building hors d’oeuvre towers on the carpet, so it was instantly coated in dog hair and sand and rendered inedible.  The yogurt and kiwi was from Maddie’s  lunch that I sent to preschool on Tuesday. The teachers told me that they mix the fruit in with the yogurt when they serve it, so I decided to save that step (and the extra dish) and mix the two together at home.  I’m not sure of the timeline, because Maddie didn’t eat the yogurt at lunch, but by the end of the day, it was no longer yogurt but instead some runny, foul-smelling dairy fluid.  Who knew kiwi had this ability?  I didn’t.

I have to admit that knowing I would post my throwaways made me look at the contents of my refrigerator differently.  Yesterday, I finally ate a lone mini bagel purchased long ago, maybe in December.  It was still good (which makes me wonder what was in it to keep it so long.)  I was thinking of the coconut rice I would have to throw out and was inspired to make a quick stir fry for supper last night.  Couldn’t think of a way to use those cold cuts that wouldn’t lead to gastrointestinal issues.

Food Waste Friday bloggers, I need your guidance.  When our housemate leaves, do I include her abandoned food in my Food Waste Friday photo?  There’s a few mysterious meat items coated in freezer burn and some stuff that I would never buy.  Do you want to see the total waste at our address or just what I procured and didn’t use?  Thanks.

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  • John  On January 22, 2010 at 2:39 pm

    No WIfe of Glee I diod not make a sandwich today. I barely got out the door on time. But you are right. I need to get back to that.

  • Amanda  On January 25, 2010 at 11:00 pm

    I am a new reader so please excuse my lack of knowledge… Does your house mate still live with you? If they don’t I’d clean things out and start fresh. If they still do I don’t know if I would include their items with yours. It is that unsaid rule of room/house mates of not eating each other’s food. Although if they are still living with you I might drop hints about expired items and purging for more cold box real estate.

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