When Resolutions Fail

One of my resolutions that I didn’t talk about earlier (if you missed it, here is the original post:  https://afunnythinghappenedontheway.wordpress.com/2010/01/02/more-resolutions) is to break our family’s addiction to paper towels.  We love ’em!  John uses them to dry his hands in the kitchen.  I wash M’s face after meals with them (or a baby wipe, just as bad.)  We clean up spilled dog water with them.  This is a waste of money and resources.  So I’ve cut up some old tee shirts of John’s to use as rags and I am consciously trying to use them for general wiping up.  There are, however, some situations that call for disposability.  Witness:

You may ask, how did this happen?  Wouldn’t an alert mother stop her zealous toddler from creating such destruction?  Sure, if she wasn’t busy laughing and taking pictures.

You try to not laugh.

She did create one finished product.

And, of course, this.

Yuuuuuuuuuuuuck.  I grabbed my trusty paper towels.

I love painting.

My homage to Jim Dine

On another note, our housemate, Shawn,  is moving out as we speak.  She lost her job yesterday and with the economy being as it is, she’s decided to go back home to North Carolina.  We will miss her.  We are considering not re-renting and instead getting a nanny (how very suburban) or making a playroom and thus reclaiming open floor space in our living room.

Have a great day.

Muchas Smoochas from AFTHOTW HQ,

k, j, m and c

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