Daycare Dilemma

My kidberts are 2.5 years apart.  M will be eligible for a highly coveted K0 spot in September.  If she gets in, that means we will have two kids in day care for a very limited time.  That limited time will still be, as my husband likes to say, a shyster (did I spell that right?)  If we put Maddie in full time daycare in the fall, that’s another 9-10 months of two in day care.  That’s a HUGE chunk of change.

The spectre of daycare, especially for Charlotte, is giving me agita today.  I know, I know, it’s not like it was a big surprise that I was having another child and that I would have to put that child in day care if I was working and that day care costs money.  But now that I’m faced with the reality of it, OMG, it’s going to cost a lot of money!

Add to that the further complication that I don’t quite have a spot nailed down yet.  I’m scheduled to go back to work in eight weeks.  Ahem, need to get on that. . .

Part of me doesn’t want to go back, for a variety of reasons, some of which are not going to be discussed here, lest I get fired for my thoughts.  But part of me is anxious to return to a venue where I have to be dressed by a certain hour and I’m not a one-woman variety show for two kids under 3.  (Instead, I’ll have to deal with 80+ teenagers each day, but at least I’ll be up and dressed when I do it.)

The daycare is killing me though.  If our mortgage refinance ever goes through, day care will be our largest monthly expense.  That’s absurd. I’m trying to trust that the right solution will present itself, but today it feels like the right solution is an atavan.

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