The Holy Family

Our church planned a living nativity for the last Sunday of Advent.  Nature planned a snowstorm for that day so we rescheduled to today, the Sunday closest to Epiphany.  Our pastor asked John and me to play Joseph and Mary, since we are the only family in the congregation with an infant.  We’re actually only one of a handful of families in our church with small children.  Madeline ended up as an angel, although I lobbied hard for her to play Jesus’  little known older sibling, Frank. 🙂

Our church is rather low-key and very intimate.  The Nativity was extremely low-key and intimate, since yet another storm arrived and left us with close to a foot of snow.  This kept a few of our regulars at home.  But we soldiered on in and donned our robes.

It felt a little odd, to sit up in front of the church in tableau (as much as tableau can be achieved when trying to corral M), having our friends come up to greet “Jesus”.  Charlotte was actually awake and delightfully snuggly.  As I sat there, feeling a little foolish, it struck me how lucky Charlotte was.  Every baby should as honored as Jesus was in the manger and as my sweet girl was today.

Props to everyone at our church for not just today but for their encompassing welcome and endless patience.  Madeline rarely sits still throughout the service and everyone is kind enough to tolerate her roaming and occasional commentary.  She has sat in many a lap there.  Today, John (still dressed as Joseph) carried Madeline while he passed the collection plate.  Other days, she makes a break from the pew while he stands in front of the church for Doxology.

We “heathens” played the Holy Family.  John and I referred to the whole event as “hell freezes over” and with two snowstorms, I guess we weren’t far wrong!  Our pastor is the only person we shared this joke with and thankfully she gets it.  She’s fab!

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