More Resolutions

I make new year’s resolutions.  Hence, this blog.  Several of my resolutions have to do with money, since the economy is, shall we say, tenuous.  I owe much of my inspiration to the fabulous Kristen of (thanks Kristen!  My yogurt turned out great by the way!)  and Suze Orman.  Here’s the plan.

  1. Reduce overall monthly expenses by 10%   This is going to be tricky.  We made a lot of changes in 2009– reducing our cable package, trading down on John’s car, changing Madeline’s day care to a less expensive provider, changing our homeowner’s and auto insurance.  I’m not sure how much more there is to trim!  This year, we’ll be doubling our day care costs when I return to work (ouch. . .)  I wish I could stay home with my girls until September.  Maybe if I win the lottery or inherit a chunk of change from a distant, unknown relative.  In the meantime, I can focus on spending less on groceries. 
  2. Move forward with our adoption  Last year, John and I decided that we would adopt a child through DCF.  That decision warrants a whole post.  This is the year to make it happen.  We’ve already taken the required class (MAPP) and now we need to get out homestudy done.  DCF didn’t want to do the homestudy until after Charlotte was born and now that she’s a whopping six weeks old, it’s time to get moving.  If I had my way, our boys (we’ve been told we should look for a boy, since we have two girls and our worker says we should only adopt a single child, but I’m convinced we’re meant to have siblings– long parenthetical!  Sorry if it was confusing. . . )  Anyway, if I had my way, our as-yet-unidentified boys would move in tomorrow.
  3. Make more things from scratch  When things were really tight for us, I was making our own bread and pizza (admittedly with prefab crusts.)  I’ve gotten away from that and I want to refocus on homemade items in 2010.  I recently made yogurt for the first time (see above shout out to The Frugal Girl).  Bread is easy.  Homemade cookies are better than store-bought and dreadfully amusing to Mads.
  4. Landscape  We’ve lived in our house for almost five years and every year, I mean to replace the overgrown shrubs in the front yard.  Every year, I get as far as cutting them back dramatically and stop.  This is the year!  I might even go so far as to plant flowers.

My goal is to revisit this list quarterly and be accountable to you, dear gentle reader(s) (if there are any readers.)

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