And so we begin. . .

My main resolution for 2010 is to take action on the elaborate plans in my head.  One of those plans is this blog.  I have no idea if anyone will ever read this but me and potentially my husband.

Here’s my premise:  I am apparently a contradiction but I refuse to believe that I am wholly unique. 

Let me explain.  Several months ago, John and I had dinner with our friends Katie, Andy, Jenn and Christoph.  John was relating some story that including a reference to our regular church attendance.  Jenn gasped, “You can’t go to church!  You’re heathens!”

It seems that an affinity for alcoholic beverages and making snarky comments would classify one as a heathen.  Who knew?

Yup, we go to church just about every week.  We take our kids.  We believe in some higher power than ourselves and in regular reflection on what we are meant to do in this life.  We read scripture.  We sing in the choir.  We are full-bore church people.  And we still drink and use sarcasm.

The thing is that both John and I agree that when we go to church each week, it makes our problems seem much more manageable.  2009 was a tough year financially, but it didn’t consume us as it has in the past.  I feel as if we have more money when I give money to the church.  Makes no sense logically, but it’s true.

So part of this blog is to help me explore the connection between spirituality and calm and how that spreads throughout my life.  There will be more stuff too, but let’s not get carried away with the elaborate plan.

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